A collector will whisper Luz’s name to another jewelry lover as someone you need to know or collect

Emily Stoehrer - MFA Boston
The New York Times

with creativity and innovation, Luz Camino brings a fresh approach towards the materials of luxury jewelry

Nina Hald
Solitaire Magazine

Una mujer del siglo XXI que ha sabido plasmar su personal concepto de la perfección, reconocido allende nuestras fronteras

Letizia Arbeteta
Pulsera raices

Her Jewels have a breadth of styles and a command of techniques like few others

Maria Doulton
The Telegraph

Her pieces are Nature itself, transformed into wearable art through her consummate use of gems and innovative techniques

Maria Kerner
The Jewelry Icon

Tous les matériaux, comme les techniques, au service d'un seul objectif: retranscrire le plus fidèlement possible la beauté de la nature

Sandrine Merle
The French Jewelry Post
Pendientes Fritilaria

Unconventional, odd and obscure materials often crop up in her designs

Natalie Bos
Jewels du jour

Luz Camino looks to a variety of inspirations to create wearable works of art using impeccable craftmenship


Luz’s jewels reflect and make tangible her unique perception of beauty

Clare Phillips - V&A Museum
The New York Times

Camino pushes her craftsmen to experiment and to try out new ways to achieve her esthetic ideals

Juliet Weir-de La Rochefoucauld
21st Century jewelry designers